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      Hello @Maxxi and @Jacob,

      Can you help me take a look at the picture here below here. There are two problem with it:

      1. the icon in the menu which added as instruction in one of the previous post here make the header is too long. Are there anyway I can arrange them together instead of hide them in small size for iPhone

      2. The total share button, as you can see, the button go to the second line. I don’t know how but I didn’t do any custom CSS with it and it is always like this.

      menu and share button

      These issue only show up in iPhone (test with iPhone 4,5 and 5s), no problem when view in web browser small size or table.



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      2.- The same thing happened to me and it was because using this to control the appearance of meta info on mobile devices. Maybe you did the same.

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      Hello @CarlosMarli,

      Thank you for the reply. I follow the instruction in the best by adding the custom css

      html #content .entry-header .entry-meta {
      display: inline-block !important;

      but it doesn’t help. clear cache after change also not working. Everything works normal. I even use safari to change user agent as iphone, it works normal there but not in the real iphone view 🙁

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      I did not mean to add the code, sorry for the confusion, english is not my native language. The code above is used to display the LIKE button on mobile devices and it breaks the aesthetic of the theme.

      If you see my website on any post, only the date appears below the share button

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      @CarlosMarli, I see, but I want them to be shown in the website including in the smartphone view.

      I just don’t know why everything looks normal when review in desktop but not in smartphone. And I didn’t change anything for it. So maybe just wait for @Maxxi and @Jacob to help with this.

      By the way, I like the popup with facebook like. Can you let me know which plugin you use for it?



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      Sure, Popups by Damian Logghe, you can find it on the plugins repository of WordPress.

      Do you use a plugin for the newsletter signup? I really like it.

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      Thank you @CarlosMarli, I will test the plugin later. I tried something similar before but the conversion rate is not too high.

      It is just a default embed code from Mailchimp and I just add CSS for it. It is not a plugin to keep the website load faster.

      By the way, I found out what was the problem with the iPhone layout. Because the number of like to large + the width of iPhone is too small to show everything in one line So the breaks the layout. So what I did is adding the CSS only for iphone to hide the date, and everything is ok now 😀

      Topic is resolved

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This is a PRIVATE forum for verified users only, to view all replies/answers, you must be logged in!

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