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      1. Faster Menu loading
      2. Totally share (similar with the attached image) cause I think the current social share are is already busy enough to add more. If it is too much works, you can added it as add-on for extra payment 🙂
      3. Hero Banner option for post
      4. Ad settingL: Shortcode is possible in the area. And option for ad show randomly between post 🙂
      5. Fixed menu in smartphone view (If current menu can’t then you can have a similar menu as mentioned in 2) in the example mentioned at 1, there is actually another stick menu cover the original one

      Best regards,


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      0. Make “manual’ selection of the topics in the hero banner. As a editor I want to freeze certain posts (even old one) in the hero banner section, I dont want them to be replaced by some other topics

      1. Things I suggested in this thread

      2. Mixed Gradient for the hero banner is cool, but its too “thick” so one couldnt see the actual image behind it. Would love to get opacity setting fot that.
      When I choose “Dark gradient” hero banner option it is too “thin” =) So white text on almost white background is getting hard to read

      3. option to place configurabe share buttons at the bottom of the post

      4. Hero banner for the posts would be cool, I agree

      5. Dunno if it is possible by WP guides, but ability to set specific widget for a specific post would be just what I need.

      6. Smart Menu navigation widget (like you have at the Documentaion page) would be cool

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      1. Live search tool
      2. Back to top sidebar (which floats with users position) to momentally get to the top of a page

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      I’m really impressed with how feature-rich Sparkle is, however, I did come across some features/updates that I think are needed, along with many of the others posted above like “rich” author pages. That’d be great! I need to increase social interaction with my authors. Here are my suggestions:

      1. Faster loading — I ran numerous tests on my site, and while installing a cache plugin helped speed up the site, I keep getting warnings that I could make it even faster with small tweaks like fewer CSS files. Perhaps you can find small ways to increase the loading time?

      2. Separate mobile and desktop menu font size — I’m happy with the font size in my desktop menu, but it is very small in mobile menu. However, if I want to increase the font size in the mobile menu in the Sparkle dashboard, I have to increase the desktop menu font too. These should be separate so we can choose different sizes (I’m thinking most of us need the mobile size LARGER, and the desktop regular.

      3. Floating and advanced share buttons — For both the desktop and mobile versions. I tried installing a third-party floating buttons plugin and it was a mess with this theme. I’m currently using “Easy Social Share Buttons” which has so many advanced features like Twitter hashtags and cards. It would be awesome if you could incorporate floating buttons and buttons with similar advanced capabilities.

      4. Finally, this is more of a bug, but a very important one with the dropdown header desktop menu. When I navigate through the different categories in the menu, I find it to be a little too sensitive, making it hard to click on an article.

      I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but it seems like the hover function extends too far out from the category titles in the desktop menu. Say you’re at the bottom of the dropdown menu, hovering over a category, and you want to click on an article for that category, you have to be VERY careful. You must move your cursor straight out to the right from the category title, then straight up and click on the article image or category. If you’re not perfectly straight, it causes the hover on another category to activate, which causes the articles to change and you lose the one you’re interested in. Does this make sense? Perhaps I can make some screenshots describing the issue?

      Thanks for being open to suggestions!

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      Another major feature I’d like to see is a way to showcase more content on the mobile design. There’s really only the “You May Also Like” section at the bottom and the large featured images at the top (if you have those enabled), whereas the desktop also has the smart tabby sidebar section and the dropdown menu to feature more content. Perhaps you can make the mobile design more like BuzzFeed, which showcases a ton of content in a small amount of space on their homepage and underneath their individual posts.

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      1. Faster loading for main site and mobile version.
      2. Option to use smaller images or NO image for featured post on front page.
      3. Better-looking pagination design.
      4. Advanced ad management

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        I second the faster loading, better-looking pagination design (it’s not user-friendly on the mobile design), and advanced ad management.

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      I think it would be MUCH BETTER if “maintenance mode” switch/button was moved:

      – FROM: “Advanced settings” inside vertical tabs
      – TO: towards 1 of the top tabs, within admin

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      • This reply was modified 6 y, 11 mo by  kalgary2.
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      I’d like to see Background Takeover Ad in ‘Ads Manager’ for further improving monetising perspective of the theme. So I don’t have to spend time looking for suitable plugins.

    • #4819

      A way to enable Privacy policy & cookies message when a new user visit our website.
      Maybe like the message you use last week about the delay in answers but with an option to close the message (X)

      It will be nice 😉

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      I would like to see options for customizing the archive/category template to make use of grid-style layouts or something similar. The theme has so many options and it’s kinda weird how there’s no option to change the archive layout when similar themes have this built in.

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      to add linkedin pages icon to social media accounts icons
      to add account/user name with (@) when sharing a post/page with twitter
      compatibility with buddypress


    • #5230


      Two features I would like to see:

      1. Subtitles. My previous theme was using a subtitle headline and it was great to use it as an additional summary.

      2. Adding a source/via button like here:

      • #5433

        @1cocuk – assuming you are running a child theme so you can customize while upgrading safely, you can add the following to your functions.php for creating other social network items:

         * @desc Add the LinkedIn social network icons to the site header
        add_filter( 'yt_site_social_networks_args', function ( $networks ) {
          $networks['linkedin'] = array(
            'title' => __( 'LinkedIn', 'mythemes' ),
            'icon' => 'fa fa-linkedin' # or 'fa fa-linkedin-square'
          return $networks;
        } );
         * @desc add LinkedIn to the Sparkle Theme Options "Connect" section
        add_filter( 'yt_theme_options_subscribeconnect_connect', function ( $networks ) {
          $networks[] = array(
            'name' => __( 'LinkedIn','mythemes'),
            'desc' => __( 'Add your LinkedIn url.<br>https://www.linkedin.com/in/username', 'mythemes' ),
            'id' => 'scl_linkedin',
            'std' => '#',
            'type' => 'text'
        } );
    • #5233

      when scrollbar down, visitor can`t follow “main content, subsidebar, sidebar”. So,

      – Please, fix sidebar feature as that >>

    • #5235

      – you can add Order by Most Shared, Most Liked feature

    • #5254

      – compatible theme with buddypress

    • #5355

      – infinity posts option bottom of content page (after comments)

      Look image please.. >>

    • #5357

      Hi Sir,
      Please, could you say something about my last request about infinity posts option bottom of content page (after comments). Because I ll wait next update or not for this. Thank you.

    • #5361

      – A special/extra page, show all post infinity timeline by date with nice design as this >>

      So users enter this page and they can look all post basicly with scroll down.

      And It will be a live broadcast for posts. So page updates auto if there are new posts.

      I think, this will be usefull for sparkle owners and their users.

    • #5420

      Hi there,

      I think that one very important feature is the option to have different templates for posts, at least one that you could for example use the full width of the page, without sidebars or only with one. The design of a specific content should have its own unique style. I could choose to have a full width video and the text or images could go in two columns with a width limit, or I could use a featured image or a slideshow inside the content also in full width or not… There should exist some kind of options that could let you design the article in function of it.

    • #5428

      – infinity posts option bottom of content page (after comments)

      The display is unbalanced if the content is too short and the sidebar is too long. I think option to add post after comment area will help and with the ability to query the post by popularity (most shared, most view, most like,etc) and filter the age of the post (last 7 days, etc)

      And a function to compare the sidebar and the content. So it will be look more balance. Is this possible ?

    • #5491

      Look at this link and imagine if the sidebar (post with thumbnail) using infinite scroll. It will be a mess.


      I hope this image give the developer inpiration. I even give you name for this feature Flexi Sidebar.

      But the important thing is, the page load speed is the priority.
      If this feature is too over the top, Maybe an option to set different sidebar for homepage and post.

      Or maybe just an option to stop the sidebar for post evently with post length. (dynamic) <- this can be a solution.

    • #5496


      Could you please upgrade sparkle compatibility with buddypress? (Sorry for same isue.)

      I love sparkle and everything is really so good. But when I activated buddypres, I saw that some of feautures like buttons other areas and css is not enough to use buddypress. But you know bbpress ise perfect with sparkle.

      Do you have any plan for buddypress?

      Thank you.

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      @projectnursery I will try this code. Thank you. 🙂

    • #5912


      1. Make the post share buttons available to also display at the bottom of posts.

      2. making theme more compatible with buddypress and bbpress

    • #5992


      Better Multi Author compatibility: Configurable Signature(top/bottom), All Authors page and Author Page, particularly with Social media icons and such. A Portfolio Authors page would be nice 🙂

    • #5995

      1. Author page and the ability to display social media icons for the author inside their post.

      2. A social media counter widget for sidebars

      3. Cnet.com like homepage slider 😀

      4. Dedicated page for special events – http://www.cnet.com/uk/ces/


    • #6284

      6. Reviews page/category to have a different layout than the normal one.
      Ex. for reviews page: http://www.cnet.com/uk/topics/laptops/products/

    • #6360

      Proper theme update option. I don’t really have the time to keep checking for a theme update every day and there doesn’t seem to be any consistent release cycle. WordPress has the capability. Being able to update the base theme from the WordPress updater would be a boon to our productivity. At the very least a way of seeing from the theme settings that the installed version is out-of-sync with the most recent release.

      If this is available somewhere in the framework already I’d love to know where, but it may need to be more obvious.

    • #6385

      I would be nice that you could select as an home view option a grid type/cards with for example one sidebar or none!

    • #6891


      A good add for the template will be a “image hover share button” for post with Facebook, Twitter and Comment link.

    • #6976


      A really simple feature that shouldn’t take too long implement, would be a site is using cookies header thing, and then in theme options you can have a option to enable or disable this, as i kind of see it as a waste to install a plugin for a simple thing like this.

    • #7404


      Custom page template for login pages.

      It would be great if we can have a login page with a background image just like we get for Linkedin Login or About.me login pages which contains the following

      1) background image
      2) login
      3) A place to write our value proposition

    • #7533


      Home Page Posts Grid like Elegance theme in this link:

      I’m not feeling comfortable with only one option to view posts in home page (the classic one) as it is right now. 🙁

    • #7785


      Retina Display..

      It would be great if we can have Retina display theme

    • #7795


      Second div in mobile menu sidebar where you can put things like about us, write for us, advertise etc.

    • #7860


      Having share buttons on the scroll fixed header as you scroll down, like this http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/9-plugins-to-add-advertising-on-your-blog/

    • #7915


      Make Impressive like plugin count the shares from the posts. That will be sick!

    • #8122


      Better experience for tablet users. Banner and widgets images very pixelated (stretched) from screen size: 450px to 991px, specifically from 767px to 991px, You can see this clearly when looking at Post Thumbnails images which stretch from: 320×190 to +700×300 making them look pixelated.

      • This reply was modified 6 y, 4 mo by  Erick.
      • This reply was modified 6 y, 4 mo by  Erick.
    • #8173

      – Instagram and Twitter embeds (without plugins)
      – Instagram footer like Elegance, if it is possible.

      Thank you

    • #8188


      Menu more like http://shiftnav.io/pro/ would be awesome.

    • #8189



    • #9074


      have you guys seen the the new “the next Web” site? it’s really nice. especially like the site header and the posts. if you guys made something like this would be so popular 🙂


    • #9232


      Faster loading. I use CDN and am hosted by WPEngine who implements automatic caching. All of my sites are at light speed, except for the one with your theme. Perhaps you can find small ways to increase the loading time?

      Automatic Updates. This would be very helpful

      More Styling Options. Ability to easily change fonts, background colors and sizes for all the h1-h6 headers, body, copyrights, footer body, hovers and other elements. Right now adding CSS into the box in theme options doesn’t stick and a mod to code has to be made. Also for those that don’t know css, adding more options to tweak the colors, sizes and background colors of various containers (footer, menu, short code boxes, etc) is very helpful.

      Back to Top Floating Button. Nice to have as the text in the footer is lost to most users.

      More Shortcodes! It would be nice to see Icon lists and checklists added, modal boxes, promos, callouts, testimonial boxes and a separator code. Also would be great to add a sharing box shortcode so we can add to pages.

      ICONS!! 🙂 This goes with above but adding Font Awesome would be great.

      Fix Large Share Button compatibility with Meta display. Right now, if I select that I want the author name, date, views, font size shown, it does not when I use the large share button. It would be nice if you can fix this.

      Thank you for a great blog theme!

    • #10001


      It would be great to enable Google Fonts Early Access!
      to enable arabic fonts.


    • #10013


      The search result page could be improved. I search a couple of terms and it doesn’t look good.

    • #10337


      Please improve your response time on issues. Its very important for people who have purchased the themes from you.

    • #10897


      Would love to see “Linked In” connect button among social networks we already have.

    • #10898


      Double everything what halilibrahimkar wrote.

    • #10956

      This should definitely be on the next version.

      Hi, By default, pinterest will pick the post thumbnail as main thumb in pin page but bbpress topic doesn’t have post thumbnail feature, that’s why we’ve got broken image from the popup.

      We’ll try to fix this issue in future version, and allow reader to pick image to pin from the popup.


    • #11289


      If you could add facebook and a pop log in system. that would be great.

    • #12110



      improve mobile menu. it is way to simple

      • This reply was modified 5 y, 8 mo by  Erick.
      • This reply was modified 5 y, 8 mo by  Erick.
    • #12820


      Sticky widget feature

    • #12824


      I second sticky widget. Seems to me other plugins are not that compatible with sparkles

    • #12939

      1. Add the ability to query posts not by view but by shares (stock transiant ‘sharre’ in post meta)
      2. Disable the query to find Twitter shares because Twitter has suppressed this API and it make an error …
      2. Always for the post widget sidebar with thumbnails you should change your week query: query the post views by week but not the post views about posts which are published this week !
      3. Add onto the homepage an id to the div after the #main one (for instance for the div ‘.container’) because I use theia sticky sidebar (to stick multiples sidebars) and It works only with #id and note .classes !

      (sorry for the english)

    • #13149


      Are you using bootstrap? If so, please make its famous scrollspy. It would be awesome

    • #13422


      I want to request an old feature. Basically before sparkles 2, you could select specific posts for the hero banner. Why was this taken off? A little improvement will be to add a search box for easier finding.

    • #14321


      Ability to increase share count manually within post edit.

      Shares don’t seem to be picked up at the moment very well and a post with 0 shares doesn’t look very sexy

    • #14877

      AMP support for YouTube, Gallery, and other shortcodes.

    • #15742


      Its a small thing, but when I click on the theme’s name to access Documentation or Support Forum, it would be nice if it opened in a new window, instead of the current window I am already working in.

      Thank you!

    • #3424

      1. Follow system (follow authors, categories)
      2. Login/Register System on Menu bar
      3. A rich author page (my posts, my favourites, my followers/followings etc)
      4. Filter System (Filter on homepage, cats page: display, date, popular, random etc.)
      5. User’s special homepage settings (user choose that show only these categories`posts. Users interest about only Entertainment as Musics, Films etc.)

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