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      As my website is coming along, LOVE this theme!

      I do have a few other little questions, that just came up as I am working on the site. If you need to, you can log in to see what I have.

      1) When I click on say ‘Celebs’ in the main navigation, when it goes to that page, is there a way to remove the ‘Celebs’ title from the page that it goes to, along with the – ‘CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS / HANDS ON HOLLYWOOD / MAD FOR DAD’ under it? Also, if I want to keep it, I notice that, that font looks BOLD, it’s the same font I have on my home page of http://www.tattlemag.com, but it looks bolded on there. If you look at all the article titles, they are the same font and same ‘style’ – Regular, but it still looks really bold, even if I change the font.

      The same thing for the the article title under the photo when you hover over parenting within the MEGA MENU. I don’t know why, but there it looks bold too, I have tried to change it and can’t figure it out. Can I un-bold it? Is there something I am doing wrong there? Or a default set somewhere?

      2) If you visit http://www.projectnursery.com that uses the same theme. On the hero menu you don’t see the date, etc., but on the posts you do. How do I remove the date and little comment bubble from the articles on the hero menu, but still keep them in my post?

      3) (and LAST)…on http://www.projectnursery.com, when you hover over their image there is a little thing that says, ‘pin this’ is there something special I have to do for that, or is that just a plugin?

      I think that’s it, so sorry for all the questions and I appreciate all the assistance, you guys are awesome!

      Thank you!!

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This is a PRIVATE forum for verified users only, to view all replies/answers, you must be logged in!

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