Kindly need your help with the following.

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      Dear Sir,
      When I see your theme, I like it so much but I cannot match it with your demo theme, it will be very grateful if you can help me out the following, I have zero knowledge and still in a learning period of word press so kindly give me detailed solution with every step mentioned for example if you want to give me some code to then also tell where its need to be pasted.
      Let’s get started
      1- I have spent so much of my time understanding the font, I even read all your documents still so much confused, Can you tell me each and every font step wise given below following so that I can get the same font as your demo theme website.

      H1 Headings : Font name?
      H2 Headings : Font name?
      H3 Headings : Font name?
      H4 Headings : Font name?
      H5 Headings : Font name?
      H6 Headings : Font name?

      Body Font : Font name?

      Main Menu: Font name?
      Main Menu Child Level: Font name?

      Home Brick Entry Title: Font name?
      Entry Title: Font name?

      Single Page / Post Title: Font name?
      Sidebar widget’s Headings: Font name?

      Footer Headings: Font name?
      Footer Elements: Font name?

      Also mention size if you think you have used different size in demo then default

      2- I want to use the same bar below header which you have used in demo, but you have used a colorful (gradient) however I want it only in one color, color code which I want to use is (RGB): R:20 G:85 B:155 or #78559B , so can you give me the code by which I can get the line below header with given color

      3- Why we cannot change the picture in our profile in bb press, I mean if you will go to you profile after login you can see edit link below, however you can edit other details but there is no option to upload avatar

      4- How can Change a widgets headings color to skin color or any other color instead of just normal blank

      5- If you will see the hero banner the black shadow which is on the images which disappears once we move mouse on it, is it possible to make that shadow bit more darker because if image is in light color the heading on it cannot be seen properly or can we change the heading color same like skin color

      6- Can you tell me the first widget you have used in sub sidebar and main sidebar

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      7- After a comment box I always get this text mentioned :- “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:a href=”” title=”” <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””> <b> blockquote cite=”” <cite> code del datetime=”” em <i> <q cite=””> <strike> strong”

      Can you tell me how to remove it

      8- Can you suggest me a good plug-in for social login compatible with your theme
      And also can suggest me good plugin to replace the comment box with facebook comment box

      Hope you will answer all my question and I will ready to launch my website

      However if you want to check my website it is

      Kindly reply soon if you can as I have been trying all these so long and wasted lots of time

      Thanks in Advance!


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      For the question n. 7, the solution is to put this snippet in the Custom CSS field, under Theme Options.

      .form-allowed-tags {
      display: none;

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      Thank you So much,

      By the way can you tell me where to put codes given in point 4 and 5, as if I will put these nothing changes and if I put point number 5 given for opacity my website stops working,,… other wise rest all worked so well … cheers

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      Actually widget heading color changeed now.. point no 4 code worked.. however point no 5 code is not working.. kindly chk and inform me where to put it..

      And Fonts also I put it in a way you said still not working.. I believe that substitute lato is not same

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