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      I’m loving the theme but there is one little thing that bothers me.
      I have the home page configured with one sidebar on the left and one sidebar on the right. It displays everything perfect and thumbnail images for my list of posts display great.
      But for the rest of pages I have only one sidebar on the right. This makes the space for the list of posts wider and, of course the images for each post are wider too. The problem is the images are displayed larger but the size of the image is the same, this causes the image to loose sharpness and to look pixelated.
      In the attached pictures you can see that in the first case, the natural size of the image and the displayed size of the image are almost the same, this screenshot is from my homepage, with two sidebars. In the second screenshot attached you can see how the image natural size is way smaller than the displayed size, this screenshot belongs to the page with only one sidebar.

      I would like to increase the “natural size” of the image to the size it displays in the single sidebar pages. This way it would look good all across the site, since reducing the image for the double sidebar pages won’t affect quality.

      You can see the homepage (two sidebars) here:
      And one page with a single sidebar here:

      I did try to change this setting in the back end, but I didn’t find it. Do I have to change something in the code? can you point me to the right lines?

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      I’m going to take a look at it!
      Thanks Jacob, I’ll let you know If I’m able of changing it 😀

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