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      Hi guys,

      I see on all speed tests that admin-ajax.php takes a long time to load. Is this something normal?!/bKoJEi/


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      No its not normal. My website uses sparkles theme and it’s blazzing fast. Also you should not worry too much about the ajax.php when you haven’t even taken care of other things that seem to be more important when it comes to improve website speed.!/c3Ua3G/

      That’s my website and it loads under 0.6 seconds. I have to give it to the guys at yeathemes. Their theme compares with genesis theme if you know how to tweak it a bit.

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      Hello Erik,

      Thank you for your answer. I am worried because it takes around 3 seconds to load, a delay which is not normal from my point of view. Could you please explain more in depth what do you mean by taking care of other things more important when it comes to website speed? I am not a developer, but as far as I can see, we have implemented the majority of the required tool or plugins to improve the site speed (cdn, wp super cache, gzip enabled, compressed images, etc.)

      For Maxxi/Jacob: Could you please add your invaluable experience into this conversion 🙂 ? As always your help is much appreciated. Thank you all.

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      I am far from being good with coding and wordpress ask Jacob or maxxi. I’m very bad lol. Also I want to point that speed is relative to where you are located, your Internet provider, your cdn provider, your host provider,your theme provider, the plugin you are using, and so on.

      My website for me, in real life terms takes 3 seconds to load. But in test it takes less than a minute so don’t take this tests too seriously. Try to focus in content more. That way people will be more willing to wait a few seconds cuz they know you deliver.

      Anyhow as far as I can tell you are doing the things you are supposed to be doing and thats why your speed is not bad at all. 1.8 seconds in test. Now as far as why it doesn’t seem that fast in real life scenarios I have no idea. It all depends. But you should try to improve in the things is telling you. I saw you have a couple of 0 in your test. So try to improve what they tell you and maybe that will improve your speed.

      Also you can check p3 plugin where it will show you all the plugins that are slowing you down.

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      Hello Erick,

      Thank you again for your reply. I am really ok with the speed once a user reaches my website, what is really annoying to me is those 3-4 seconds that you need to wait before the website starts to load in the browser, hence my question.

      I tried to use the same database with different machines, internet providers and with a different theme(the old one) and everything runs smooth. I know the host is important that’s why I am paying for a dedicated server just to run my website, the internet speed is outstanding (Virgin Media, London) and I already used the p3 plugin (except jetpack which takes a little more memory than all the others plugin) and all seems to be just fine.

      Again, I am really glad with Sparkle, I would like just to understand why admin ajax loads so slow on my website which probably is the main cause for that 3 seconds delay. More than that, what is supposed to mean admin ajax?

      I already started to implement the pingdom recommendations to improve the site speed except for combining css – js and parallelise downloads across hostnames (sounds like rocket science to me). I will wait for Maxxi or Jacob to enlighten me 😀

      Thank you again for your help Erick.

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      You are welcome. I like your website. Very cool. Sad I couldn’t help you with admin-ajax.php. That’s beyond me. Hopefully you’ll get it fix in no time.

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      I noticed that sparkles demo had the same issue Alex.!/eujw0T/

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      Hello Maxxi,

      Thank you for your quick tutorial. I will mark this topic as resolved.

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      I have spent the last 48 hours trying to figure out what is causing the high server load and memory usage.

      I was on the SSH console and found out that admin-ajax.php is taking up a lot of resources, why?

      I was using AJAX Hits Counter that Jacob coded in another thread. It has no problem until traffic starts to spike, and it uses a lot of resources on the server that it took my site offline when i had a lot of users online.

      It has improved a little after i took the code out, but i still get admin-ajax.php and index.php as the culprit for jacking up my server resources.

      What are the plugins that uses AJAX? and how do i resolve this problem?

      Please help..this is causing sleepless night for me.

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