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      A week ago I decided to start a tech magazine for home automation systems. Folks, I honestly previewed all the 200+ magazines themes on themeforest, so straighforward I was.

      There was 3-5 decent themes with pros and cons, anyway sparkle had more prons than cons, so I decided to stick with it.

      And while I was looking for enormous amount of different themes and their features, I saw a big set of cool shortcodes. Unfortunately, Sparkle at the moment (1.0.3) cant boast with reach shortcodes features.

      I hope my list of wanted shortcodes will make you jealous (for good) and you give it a thought and implement some of them to make Sparkle #1 choice theme for magazine.

      1. Pullquotes (example)
      Pullquotes are trendy, they make your posts look more like printed magazine articles. I think you, Sparkle team, should give it a thought to integrate this shortcode in YT suite.

      2. Tabs, Toggles and Accordions
      The second thing I miss – Tabs, Toggles & Accordions (tabs example, accordion example)
      These elements are super handy when you make a rich review article or writing a big how-to guide.
      Not to mention that these elements are good for quick view comparison of features and

      3. Tables (example)
      Well, its a paint to draw a table with table/tr/td, I know you know it. So why not to make users happier and make a shortcode?

      4. Dropcaps
      Drop caps are cool, and you have one, but just one at the very beginning of a post. How about to let user to put dropcap in a desired position?

      5. Divider (example)
      Styled divider is good for a solid design.

      6. Highlight (example)
      Sometimes “bold” just not enough and it would be cool to point certain words with highlight.

      7. Source section
      Often magazines rewrite/translate articles from other sources. In these cases it would be cool to have a themed SOURCE: section at the end of the post (like this)

      BR, Hellt

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      • This topic was modified 5 y by  hellt.
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